Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Literature review (Wei Xuan)

How to test Wireless connection to a computer .
According to this Link , since we only have a wireless router , the best way to test the wireless connection is to take two network devices and wirelessly connect one your router (we'll deem this Device 1) and using an Ethernet cable, connect the second device (Device 2) to one of the LAN ports on your router. 
Set up a network share folder on Device 2 so you can access it from Device 1. In Windows Explorer, this is done by creating a folder, right-clicking on it, clicking the "Sharing" tab, and then the "Share" button. In the image below, I created a folder called "testshare" and gave Read/Write permissions to "Everyone" on my network (you can remove or change permissions after testing for security, but for the test, Device 1 will need permission to write to the share). But for this we will need a windows computer.

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