Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Research questions

PersonResearch QuestionsIndependent VariableDependent Variablecontrolled variableHypothesis
Ivan Gan How does the magnetic force affect
electronic devices
Magnetic fieldCondition of electronic deviceType of electronic deviceIf i increase the magnetic force on the device , the device will be spoiled faster.
Wei XuanHow does heat affect the efficiency
of a Solar Cell
Amount of heat applied to the solar panelThe amount of electricity made Type of Solar Panel , Environment if i increase the temperature , the amount of
electricity produced will decrease
Pat GuanHow does impurities affect the boiling
/freezing point of water?
Temperature of FreezerBoiling/Freezing Point of WaterPurity of waterIf I increase the amount of impurities, the
Boiling/Freezing Point will be lowered
Thihahow does the angle of sunlight affect
the amount of energy input into solar
Angle of Light applied on the solar panelThe amount of energy producedtype of solar panel , type of lightif the sun is perpendicular to the surface of the panel it will receive the most amount of energy

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