3. Results

As shown in figure 3, which is the average of our collected results, our ping remains constant as the server we used to test the experiment is the same. There should not be a change in the ping if not it would mean that the server is different and that the results would not be accurate. The upload speed for all the materials is quite constant as all computer’s uploading is built-in to be more constant than downloading as we upload more that we download for example just visiting a web page requires sending a request to the server which is uploading. However the download speeds between all the materials varies a lot because the materials have different densities and the denser the material, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal whereas the less dense, the stronger the Wi-Fi signal. Styrofoam has the highest download speed as it is the least dense , therefore it is easier for the signal to pass through. Wood has the second highest download speed as it is denser than styrofoam but not as dense as aluminium. The reason the aluminium and control has a low download speed is because the electromagnetic waves reflect off the aluminium, therefore having little waves reaching the computer , hence they have a low download speed.

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