2. Methods

Research Question
How different materials affect the Wi-Fi signal strength?

If we increase the density of the material , the wireless connectivity will be weaker

Independent variable: Different materials
Dependent variables: Wi-Fi signal strength, Upload Speed, Download Speed
Constants : Length of the material, Height of the material, Location of testing,   
                  thickness of the material, router used, server used to test the Wi-Fi,
                  software used and computer used to test the experiment


1. Wrap the interior of the box (40 cm x 40 cm x 300 cm) with aluminium foil with
    absolutely no gaps.
2. Turn on the Router and place it in the aluminium wrapped box.
3. Put the computer in the box 3 m away from the Router
4. Place the material ( 1.2 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm) 15cm in front of the router
5. Put the aluminum wrapped box over the set up ( the router and material )
6. Test the Wi-Fi signal by click the Wi-Fi icon on the bottom right of the screen  
( Windows operating system )
7.Select your wireless signal  (e.g SST- Student)
8. Right click on your wireless signal and choose Status
9. Look at the signal quality and speed of the Wi-Fi signal .
10. Repeat the experiment 3 times
11. Change the material and repeat steps 1-10
12. Record down the average Wi-Fi strength of each material
13. Plot a bar graph using the recorded data
14. Use the data to determine the Material that blocks up the most Wi-Fi and the one   
     that allows most Wi-Fi to Pass through

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